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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Rockhaven (23/11/2018)
Friday 23 November 2018
rerun of an old course. Deliberately took some routes through the woods to see what they were like
Clinton 10K (22/11/2018)
Thursday 22 November 2018
accidentally stopped my watch near 3 and had to re-start it.
West Campus Fake Walls (30/10/2018)
drew some fake walls on a familiar map
Stanford Sprint (28/10/2018)
had to run around some tents and chairs left over from reunion parties
West Campus (06/10/2018)
lost the track for the first half of the course.
Arbo Odd (04/10/2018)
Thursday 4 October 2018
ran the odd numbered controls to give a slight challenge
Overlook (29/09/2018)
Saturday 29 September 2018
Tower Grove sprint (20/09/2018)
running an old course
Sesquicentennial (25/08/2018)
training on a map in progress. vegetation is much thicker around 2 and 7. Decided to skip 5 because I know the area well.
Ottweiler street O (18/08/2018)
map in progress made by Mike so I could explore my sister-in-law's home town
Rocky Point, second try (04/08/2018)
still confused by all the trails that were not on the map
Rocky Point, first try (04/08/2018)
map is a work in progress. Trails were based on MTB tracks. Walkers/runners have a whole other set of trails, which were not on th...
Holcom (02/08/2018)
Thursday 2 August 2018
short training before a long travel day
Water Tower Park Score O (17/07/2018)
informal club training, had to answer a question at each location (number on light pole, second line on sign, etc). Could see #3 f...
Danforth control picking (01/07/2018)
map is a work in progress
Arboretum Memory O (26/06/2018)
I stoppped at each marker to memorize the next leg. Could not get to 4 becasue the gate was locked; missed #6
Overlook trees (03/06/2018)
short sprint on a hot day. Tried to keep moving and read all the trees
Spooner mini#1 (27/05/2018)
A hot day (34c) but quiet on campus for my 4 mini sprints
Spooner Mini#2 (27/05/2018)
2 of 4 sprints today. There is a construction zone around the last control and the finish so I was confused. Still, I should have ...
Sunflower Nature Park (16/05/2018)
most areas are not mowed, so I had to run around some areas to avoid the tall grass
Odd Numbers: 100 control course (04/05/2018)
construction near 21. Got confused leaving 7, thought 9 was 11
Arboretum Re-run (28/04/2018)
did the course backwards. Stayed on the trails mostly since the grass is getting high
Campus oldies (26/04/2018)
ran on some areas of campus that have been under construction.4 and 5 are very different now (new building)
West Campus Jet Lag (20/04/2018)
Just returned from Chile. Quick shake out run to see if I could read the map on the run while being very sleepy
Parque Maria Behety blank map (08/04/2018)
Sunday 8 April 2018
blank map provided by Kia from Chile orienteering.
Punta Arenas  (08/04/2018)
I skipped 5 on purpose becasue the vegetation was so junky. The last control is at -53 degrees latitude, the most southern point w...
Punta Arenas (08/04/2018)
Sunday 8 April 2018
first practice course, no track because I forgot my watch
Hobbs Training Day 2A (01/04/2018)
a short course. Skipped a few controls when the terrain and vetgetation weren't very freiendly. Map is WIP
Hobbs Training day 1 (31/03/2018)
Map is WIP. This was a slow map hike, where we checked out points and hung flags. footing was terrible; steep hills with loose roc...
West Campus (15/03/2018)
handicap race with Mike, Fritz, Gene and Jenny. I made it to control 16 before Jenny caught me.
Dad Perry (14/03/2018)
Wednesday 14 March 2018
went running after weight training and legs could not move. Mike and Jenny were running fast, so I decided to cut the course short...
West Campus Stairs and Trees (02/03/2018)
A very short course to keep my "weekly" orienteering streak alive.
Clinton 10K (24/02/2018)
Saturday 24 February 2018
re-run of an old training course form 2011. The map is many years old, so trails are all different now (around 1, 3 and 15, especi...
Rocks Maps (18/02/2018)
Had to skip 2 because it was on private property and not in the park. Grass and underbrush was really rough before 10.
Calero County Park (04/02/2018)
Warm day, 25C, and big hills. After7 , I had to get back to the car to meet my sister.
Stanford (03/02/2018)
Saturday 3 February 2018
Beautiful day on a beautiful campus. Very old map from 2010 posed some issues. Decided I didn't want to go to 5 since it wouldn't ...