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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Overlook Holidays 2019 (22/12/2019)
trail run with Sandy B
Hoyt Park (12/09/2019)
Czwartek 12 Września 2019
Garner Park (12/09/2019)
Czwartek 12 Września 2019
Univ WI Madison (24/07/2019)
Środa 24 Lipca 2019
United States
basic map, lots of new buildings, walls, etc made for a challenging run
University of New Mexico (18/06/2019)
rough O map of the U of NM in Albuquerque. I had to avoid construction near 5.
Campus HIlls (14/04/2019)
mis-read which control 12 I was going to
Overlook practice (06/04/2019)
trails were wet and the lake water was high
Honey Creek (17/03/2019)
exploring a new area with a map-in-progress
Overlook Backwards (16/03/2019)
old course, ran backwards. Avoided trails near the start/finish because they were muddy. GPS battery ran out on the way to 3. I st...
Rockcrusher: Later (10/03/2019)
ran a course from an earlier competition (that I missed)
Rockhaven mini markers (17/02/2019)
about 4 inches of fresh snow made the downhills a bit slippery
KU West Campus Quick 1 (16/02/2019)
fresh snow on the ground made it a bit tougher
Wyandotte Re-Run (10/02/2019)
4c and slushy woods. Ran 4 minutes faster than race in 2016