Blue Hills Traverse 2013 (Map 2) (24/11/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Blue Hills West
Organiser: Jeff Sager
Country: USA
Discipline: Summer Orienteering
Distance: 10.93 km
Time: 87:08
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 177
4 was my mistake, should have gone straight. 5, control was not on mapped boulder, if we're to believe the 1-second recording from my 305 (I only adjusted points on roads or road-like trails). 11 the control was in the center of the circle based on GPS, but I think that the correct feature may have been drawn too far north, and the control was actually on the smaller cliff to the SW of control circle. 16 the trail to the west is not drawn in the right place, and the control was placed on a rootstock not quite in the circle (the last zig of the track before it goes to 17). Either the map or the control placement was wrong there.
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Blue Hills Traverse 2013 (Map 2) (24/11/2013) Blue Hills Traverse 2013 (Map 2) (24/11/2013)