Bear Brook control pick (25/05/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bear Brook State Park
Discipline: Summer orienteering
Distance: 9.97 km
Time: 103:52
Pretty good navigation and some pep in my legs today. Missed 8 (never saw the streamer, assumed it wasn't there, but I just wasn't there), and ran past the streamer at 11 without noticing the first time. A contour too low at 18, that took some figuring. Pulled right on 20, ran into a marsh and heard the stream. Mis-read the description at 24, thought it was hilltop, so was right next to the saddle when I re-attacked. Overall, decent flow for that area, good confidence, and no mega-disasters.
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Bear Brook control pick (25/05/2014) Bear Brook control pick (25/05/2014)