Extreme-O (12/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mistletoe State Park
Organiser: GAOC
Country: USA
Discipline: Extreme-O
Distance: 8.53 km
Time: 145:02
Map got very wet at control 13. Laser target shoot at start. Map draw from 7 to 8. Contour-only to 9. Rappel down ravine to 9, cliimb cargo net up the other side. Photo-O on bearing to 10. Photo-O from 10 to 11. Submerged re-entrant for 12. Submerged mud-lined re-entrant for 13. Mini-bicycle loop at 14 - very difficult with soaking wet bum. Hunt the correct punch at 15. Grenade throw to finish..
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Extreme-O (12/05/2012) Extreme-O (12/05/2012)