Folloløpet (26/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tomåsen
Organiser: Måren OK
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 8.81 km
Time: 86:27
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 189
After Wednesday brainfarting today I wanted to make sure I was not worried about speed, just trying to orienteer properly. Mostly successful.

S-1 Took the safe route on mostly trails, with a bit of an overrun along the way.
1-2 Contouring and looking for the cliffs/hills.
2-3 This was the low point of the course for me. Hit the cliff at the end of the narrow hill as my AP, but then it seems I didn't have good direction control from there. Seems I was about 15m left of the control and I couldn't make sense of anything. There was wet stuff, hilly stuff, yellow stuff, green stuff. Spent 7 minutes standing and trotting around. Finally saw the flag, though not because I had made sense of anything. I quickly left the area without further considering anything. Need to be really careful with direction from AP.
3-4 Route was fine, but then bit off on a control on the cliffs instead. I had gone through something rocky, so I thought I was headed through the rocky ground, parallel error.
4-5 Right route was easily executed, including the approach to the control. Phew.
5-6 Again not awesome direction control, though I knew I was left and it was a quick grab.
6-7 Took a while to decide to go left but again, easy route to execute.
7-8 Easy route trail, then over the marsh and between the cliffs.
8-9 Got a little excited and dropped off to the right, but realized those were not the same cliffs...
9-10 Tried to stick with trails on dry land as much as possible, then just up the reentrant pointing to the control.
10-11 Good direction but missed the down-to-the-right aspect.
11-12-F Tired.
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Folloløpet (26/05/2013) Folloløpet (26/05/2013)