Venla (15/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sulunmäki, Jämsä
Organiser: Jämsän Retki-Veikot
Country: Finland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 4
This was a lot of fun and I think I worked the relay aspect to my advantage.

S-1 Started in a nice path and train of women, but they all dropped off to the right as we crossed the trails. Successfully ignored them and hit the control alone.

1-2 Aimed to cross at the bottom of the green and got that far before slipping in behind someone to hit 2 round the side of the hill.

2-3 Forking split, alone to 3, compass, looking for low/marsh.

3-4 Alone to 3 means alone to 4 -- though I could see several others running above me. Adjusted my line when I hit the trail as the open area looked too far. Then looked for the reentrant off to the right before hitting the depression.

4-5 Took as many elephant tracks as possible through the messy stuff until I saw the tip of the OOB area (streamered), then over the green hill.

5-6 Nice track here, also women starting to converge.

6-7 Lost a bit as I started to head out of the control the wrong way (momentum?). Those ahead cut into the woods earlier than I did but it was the same either way.

7-8 Finally with a pack, except after the bridge they all keep left, which I don't like. So I leave them and carefully head up the monster hill -- next to reentrant, compass past rocks, aiming for the top. A few others nearby which was comforting, because the tracks around here were few and far between.

8-9 Taking it more slowly after the climb to make sure I don't blow up. Ran with a few others on parallel lines.

9-10 Everyone fanned out. I should have stayed on top here but thought others were going too far right (some probably were going to the other forking, so they may have been too far right for me...). I saw the cliff but didn't adjust my direction despite being left. Ended up hacking through the green splotch until I saw the bare rock ridge. Phew, I was worried for a bit on this one!

10-11 Caught up to an NTNUI runner and couldn't quite pass. We took a very well-worn track straight to our cliff.

11-12 There were three of us together here, leapfrogging the lead until I started climbing after the cliffs and the went up a bit after. They stayed just in front.

12-13 This was a bit scary, especially since I initially thought control was a boulder. We climbed to the first level of rock/cliff and then contoured. Unfortunately I stopped short and started searching a bit high. Meanwhile a train of ~15 women storms by below me and head right for the control. Argh. They probably saved me from losing more time, but now I was behind all of them. Significant place gain loss here.

13-14 This was just a train. Passed a few, but that look a lot of energy.

14-15 Train again, though it was starting to spread out.

15-16 I had had it with the slightly-not-fast-enough train at this point so I took a different route here. Alone on top of the hill, though good track. Saw the leaders of the pack heading in just before me. Maybe break even so far, but then I lost some time/places hesitating to get to *my* control, which was the second 16. Found the tracks confusing there.

16-17-18 Train.

18-19 Took my own route again but this time I don't think it was the best idea. Should have stayed lower/less angular with the pack. At this point there were 3rd (and maybe some 2nd?) leg runners mixed in, too, so it was getting crowded. Intersection AP worked great.

19-20 Pretty sure I should have taken one of the trails here. It was hacky in there, and not well tracked.

Legs felt good through to the finish. Quite satisfied.
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Venla (15/06/2013) Venla (15/06/2013)