Bergen Sprint Camp: Finale (02/02/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bergen sentrum
Organiser: Varegg
Country: Norway
Discipline: sprint
Distance: 3.43 km
Time: 20:52
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 181
Finally some Bergen weather for the final event! Having learned my lesson about first controls earlier in the weekend (twice), I was in control from the very beginning today. Led my gang of 6 from the mass start to 1, then my half to 2 (with a quick faze at the fake wall on the way). My eyes could not make sense of the fake wall on the zig zag to 3 and I stood confused for a bit, even though I could see the control and how to get there -- at that point who cares what I misread, I should have just run to it and figured out the next leg!

From that point I was alone and stayed in control, though not always optimal. I didn't see the tunnel to 9 until I had already started towards it -- not too late to take advantage of it, but too late to do the smooth right route. I had decided during that run to head back out the tunnel and take a left route to 11, but as I approached 10 I saw 4 from my heat heading out that way, enough ahead of me that I knew I couldn't catch them. It was time for a risk, so I changed my mind and went right. It did not pay off, but I had fun trying and telling myself it was worth it.
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Bergen Sprint Camp: Finale (02/02/2014) Bergen Sprint Camp: Finale (02/02/2014)