Wang Sprint Tour #2 (12/02/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Blindern
Country: Norway
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.55 km
Time: 18:57
Average HR: 177
Maximum HR: 191
A work day that starts with orienteering is a good day.

Heavy legs running down to the map from home but somehow felt spritely enough once I got moving faster. Solid going and pretty good reading.

Probably ran over a non-existant olive green hedge on the way to punching 1 (located where a hedge used to be) and had a hard time separating olive green from open around 2 and 3, which slowed me down a bit. No color slowdowns for the rest of the course.

Picked left to 8 quickly and maybe right is a bit better. Right to 13 is probably okay, but better if I'd seen that I could cut the corner (and also avoid the stairs).

Found some extra leg juice for the end as some strange guy who was loitering around #12 decided to chase me around the rest of the course and taunt me about how slowly I was running. Maybe I can look into hiring someone to do that for me at important races (i.e., the ones where there are Canadians to beat).
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Wang Sprint Tour #2 (12/02/2014) Wang Sprint Tour #2 (12/02/2014)