World Cup Norway Middle (07/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Auvlitjern
Country: Norway
Discipline: middle
Quite satisfied with the first 13 legs, which went how I wanted -- take it easy, stop as necessary, always have a secure plan. I wasn't thinking about speed and avoided any panic. Not that it would have been possible for me to be speedy in the beginning. Oof! I felt fairly destroyed after the first 3 legs.

I took a nasty fall coming out of 12 but thankfully it was my arm that took the brunt of the damage and not a leg. It's bruising up but unfortunately there was no blood -- and thus no immediate proof of acute injury that might cause cognitive malfunctioning. I suppose that means I need to take actual personal responsibility for the last two controls, where everything fell apart.

To 14 I got sloppy and didn't check my direction coming through/out of the yellow marsh. Confusion ensued. Parallel error. Recovery. I can't explain what I did to 15 -- I was on a road by the farmhouse and then all of a sudden I wasn't and I couldn't find it again. I found it but then stopped reading the map. It was a low moment. I put it behind my and channel the feelings from the controlled and virtually error-free first 13/15ths of the course.
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World Cup Norway Middle (07/06/2014) World Cup Norway Middle (07/06/2014)