Team Trials Long (04/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Pond Mountain
Organiser: Becky & Ed
Country: USA
Discipline: long
Distance: 13.54 km
Time: 153:25
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 193
This will go down as one of the disasters of the decade. I was so tired when I started that I almost turned around on the way to the start triangle. That seemed extra lame, and often I feel better once I get going, so off I went.

Fairly well on top of the orienteering for the first three controls and then I had a sloppy approach to 4 off of the trail. I recognized that I needed to climb but I think the dread of having to go uphill overrode my decider capabilities. On the way up (finally) to 4 I was really struggling and once again thought seriously about stopping. Then I thought that it was pretty tough out there, and you never know what others are doing, and it would be really in my best interest to finish the course, no matter how slowly I had to do it.

Some bobbles and a lot of walking for the next part of the course but I was finding controls and getting closer to finishing, step by step. Once I hit 12 I felt like I felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thirteen looked tricky enough that I continued to walk to take it carefully. Headed across the hill to the reentrant with the boulder on top, to the giant boulder, down the next reentrant, and then... I don't know. I had a lot of trouble figuring things out, didn't have a good picture of what I was looking for, and wandered. I was exhausted and confused and even had to sit down to try to make sense of things. Eventually it all clicked and I couldn't believe I hadn't gotten to it before.

The rest of the course was, thankfully, straightforward enough that I made it back, but it was tough day. It didn't feel that hot in the forest but it wasn't exactly a cool, refreshing kind of day. The woods were delightful and the course was great. I'd love to get another crack it in on a fresh day.
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Team Trials Long (04/06/2016) Team Trials Long (04/06/2016)