It takes a Star Village (15/12/2017)
Category: Training
Distance: 14.78 km
Time: 110:05
Rerun of the 2008 Team Trials Blue. On the way to #2 I realized how difficult the course was going to be with the ankle deep cover of snow. Many of the trails were covered and sidehill running was very slippery.

8 and 9 were covered by a forest of fallen trees. Got as close as I could and continued. I lost focus at 10 while reading the route to 11. I reached a new a trail and realized I had lost track of how much I had climbed and thought I perhaps had passed the walls. Saw the stony reentrant and backtracked.

Struggled to move in the area of 14 and 15. The area is essentially a boulder field and the snow made it difficult to cross. Continually fell into holes between the rocks. I thought of going up to the road but it doesn't seem to save any distance over rocks.

Intentionally skipped 17 as there was a group of deer ready to jump into traffic if I continued in that direction.
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It takes a Star Village (15/12/2017)