KOM FCN (20/01/2018)
Category: Training
Distance: 7.43 km
Time: 53:37
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 177
A King of the Mountain course with a solid group of 6 others. Mass start with forking (I had a different number 1). The climb to 6 made it difficult to think clearly and I had to focus even more on the following legs. Holding a good bearing here is the most difficult part of this. The slopes and green are always trying to convince you to change direction. You've got to be assertive. There was a hunter shooting some deer right next to 1. I lost about a minute telling her that there were other runners in the woods coming through. Then I was really distracted for the next several controls as I was worried about the others. Distractions always seem to pop up.
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KOM FCN (20/01/2018) KOM FCN (20/01/2018)