Getting down at Warwick (01/04/2018)
Category: Training
Distance: 8.42 km
Time: 67:22
Average HR: 133
Maximum HR: 166
Pretty fun downhill intervals at Warwick. I forgot that you can't get too close to private property in the US...even if you are on parkland. The dogs at the houses on the southern limit reminded me about that. Really great terrain, very rocky up top, thicker vegetation at the bottom, and choice orienteering terrain in the middle. A good mix. MP on 6 and 15. I couldn't tell which boulder it was for 6 and the ditch at 15 actually extended down to the trail. I knew when I reached the trail quickly that I hadn't punched it, but I wanted to keep the flow. Will definitely repeat here. Southeast Pennsylvania continues to be really difficult for me due its lack of clear features. When I'm running along a hillside and have nothing to orient me except for my compass, it gets surprisingly tough to attack each control precisely. I'd like to see how Thierry would handle this terrain. Is it just me or is it difficult for the very best also?
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Getting down at Warwick (01/04/2018) Getting down at Warwick (01/04/2018)