Pandapas in a Corridor (04/04/2018)
Category: Training
Distance: 5.18 km
Time: 47:17
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 170
Decided that since there are so many details missing from the Pandapas map, it'd be more interesting as a corridor. Went out the first two times. The third time it looks like my GPS went loco. I was actually on the trail and then the hilltop. I also don't think I'm capable of running 0:25/km. My GPS thinks I can though. Really tough with such a basic map, but how great the terrain is made up for that. The rhodendra in the valleys made for a challenge as I had to continue reading and continue going straight.
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Pandapas in a Corridor (04/04/2018) Pandapas in a Corridor (04/04/2018)