Ice O middle (03/07/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vifilsstadahlid
Organiser: Rathlaupsfelagid Hekla
Country: Iceland
Distance: 7.15 km
Time: 72:31
Another rough-ish race. I missed 2 and was caught by Jan-Olaf Bogren, who'd started behind me. That was annoying.

I navigated from 6 to 11 - another thumb magnifier/out of practice mistake?

On the climb to 12 I took a fall and hit my face on a rock. A bit of blood and a bit uncomfortable.

The loop in the forest at the end was rough.

Like Heidmork, the area is tougher than it looks on the map.
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Ice O middle (03/07/2011)