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Setting a sprint, as described by High Commissioner Peter Gagarin.

The IOF guidelines describe the Sprint as:

Controls: Technically easy.
Route choice: Difficult route choice, requiring high concentration.
Type of running: Very high speed.
Terrain: Very runnable park, streets or forest. Spectators are allowed along the course.
Map: 1:4000 or 1:5000.
Start interval: 1 minute.
Winning time (for Senior Elite competition): 12--15 minutes.
Summary: Sprint orienteering is a fast, visible, easy-to-understand format, allowing orienteering to be staged within areas of significant population.

To this I would add the following:

Make the course fast and fun. Lots of controls, lots of route choice, changes of direction. Have the start and finish right by the parking and/or meet headquarters. Make it easy for people to try a sprint before or after their regular course. Like anything, some will like it, some won't, but give them a chance to try it, especially the young ones. And for us old folks, well, a 1:5,000 map is mighty nice for the eyes.

Number of controls: perhaps 10-20
Course length: 2-3 km, depending on how open the terrain is.


Watch a sprint in action!


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