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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Local Meet (07/09/2013)
Cumartesi 7 Eylül 2013
Manitou Park (Woodland Park, CO), RMOC, USA
Not bad!!! Just slow.
Rocky Mountain Goat (02/09/2013)
Pazartesi 2 Eylül 2013
Diamond Bay (Laramie, WY), LROC, USA
Errors at 6, 9, 10 and 18... Time was 3:04:38 (last official finisher!).
Six-Hour ROGAINE (17/08/2013)
Cumartesi 17 Agustos 2013
Turkey Springs (Pagosa Springs, CO), Upper San Juan Search and Rescue, USA
I overshot #52. I walked up the wrong reentrant when looking for #61. Got lost on the way back from #99 to the Finish and went 3...
Local Meet (Rocky Mountain State Games) (27/07/2013)
Cumartesi 27 Temmuz 2013
Rainbow Falls (Woodland Park, CO), RMOC, USA
Classic - Green|Sonuçlar
I second-guessed myself on the way to #3 and totally blew that control. Otherwise, I tended to deviate from the straight-line rou...
Local Meet (15/06/2013)
Cumartesi 15 Haziran 2013
Round Mountain (Lake George, CO), RMOC, USA
Classic - Red
I overshot #1, and I wandered a bit when trying to find #12. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with this.
Local Meet (02/06/2013)
Pazar 2 Haziran 2013
Buena Vista (Buena Vista, CO), RMOC, USA
Classic - Red
I felt like I did pretty well -- but Troy said this was more of just a long Orange course...
Local Meet (26/05/2013)
Pazar 26 Mayis 2013
Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch (Elbert, CO), RMOC, USA
Classic - Red
I was happy with this.