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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Big Basin B-meet Brown (14-09-2014)
Domingo 14 Setembro 2014
Big Basin, BAOC, USA
Took my time, have to be alert to all the map anomalies. Stayed out of big errors, thought did lose five mins on #13 (map is reall...
Boggs14 A-meet (01-06-2014)
Domingo 1 Junho 2014
Boggs Mtn, BAOC, USA
Green (B-Meet) (30-03-2014)
Domingo 30 Março 2014
J.Grant South, BAOC
Did very well for 6 controls, then the wheels started to fall off. Map problems, blisters, foggy glasses, run out of energy. 10 mi...
Pt. Pinole Medium Orange Middle (16-03-2014)
Domingo 16 Março 2014
Pt. Pinole, BAOC, USA
Fast, fun. Only time loss more than :15 was :50 at #16, where an unmapped ditch that looked like a road threw me off.
Brown course from 1/26 training (06-03-2014)
Lovely day, soft ground. Navigated well except for 1:20 error on #2.
Tilden B-meet (19-02-2014)
Quarta-Feira 19 Fevereiro 2014
Tilden Park, Lake Anza, BAOC, USA
Terrain very slippery from recent rain. Navigated well but moved cautiously. Lost about ten minutes stuck in vegetation or on slip...
BAOC B-meet (12-01-2014)
Domingo 12 Janeiro 2014
Morgan Territory, USA
Chill wind. Gave a beginners clinic beforehand. Never really got focused. Way too much climb for me. Did several tricky parts well...