Circle-O (19/06/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann vest
Organiser: Nydalen/Anders
Country: Norway
Distance: 5.83 km
Time: 85:06
Average HR: 128
Maximum HR: 168
Picking up controls from yesterday's training on the circle map. No black, yellow, or blue and no north lines and any letters to line up with. In other words, slightly sadistic.

I had a full map with me as a backup and fully expected that after a couple of controls I would have to bail to it but I never did! (In retrospect I probably could have used it to grab the last few quickly instead of leaving them -- whoops!)

This was actually pretty fun and seemed like a really good exercise for for using the more important information on the map.
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Anders : Well done and thanks for the control picking!
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Circle-O  (19/06/2014) Circle-O  (19/06/2014)