O-morgen (17/12/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sørmarka
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Country: Norway
Distance: 7.76 km
Time: 99:06
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 188
Very enjoyable morning of training, despite the cold temperature. Moving a little better on the control pick sections than I have been -- I think maps are starting to make sense to me.

There were actual controls marking 16-26 (thankfully), though 24 was mishung, which explains part of the confusion at 25. It wasn't particularly fun to bash through the green but it's definitely good practice.

The compass leg to 27 is instructive. I spent the whole leg thinking I needed to cheat right a bit to make up for the fact that I had had to detour around the cliffs to the left of the line at the beginning of the leg. obviously I way overdid it. I can follow a line if I pay attention, I should stick to that and not try to get fancy.

The last control on today's course was also control #2000 of 2014.
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Anders : Gratulerer med post #2000! Nå kan du ta juleferie med god samvittighet.
Terje Mathisen : 2000 controls in a single year? I'm _really_ impressed!

I've averaged about 75 races/year (except this year due to the ankle/hip operation) over the last few years, but the average number of controls is probably less than 10, so that would only give me one third as many controls as you've done in 2014!
Cristina : Thanks, Terje, though I have a suspicion you found your controls smoother and faster than I found mine, which counts for a lot! I'm working on that part...
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O-morgen (17/12/2014) O-morgen (17/12/2014)