Very short sprint route choice (26/01/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: West Campus
Distance: 1.37 km
Time: 10:01
I ran several legs on a very short course and ran the course twice. I took different route each time. I tried to estimate the difference on each route and then checked when I got home to see how well I did. I got the order right, but I wasn't too accurate with the difference. For example, I thought the different routes two the first control would be 10 seconds apart, but they were 17 seconds (which is a lot on a leg where the better route is 0:39). Fun.
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Interested norwegian: Based on the map information you could`ve ran a faster route to the left to the first control if you had jumped the grey passable wall closer to the building wall. Maybe it is impassable or did you miss it? If not it should be drawed as a black line cause it now looks like it is possible to run there ;)
Michael: I didn't see that option. I'll check it out next time and see if it is crossable and if not, I'll fix the map.
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Very short sprint route choice (26/01/2016) Very short sprint route choice (26/01/2016)